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BOOKS Closed - End of Exams Party!


By some sort of miracle, you made it. Exams are over! It’s all done.

No more long days and nights spent studying.
No more group assignments with Becky, Chad and Karen the mature aged student.
No more last-minute cramming for exams because you chose to spend most of your days sharing memes, looking at Instagram and browsing Reddit.
No more having to listen to people talking loudly on the phone in the middle of the library while you’re 8 coffees deep on a 15 hour study bender. (IT’S THE DAMN LIBRARY PEOPLE! BE QUIET OR STAY AT HOME! WE LIVE IN A SOCIETY, THERE ARE RULES!)

Here at Air Nightclub we want to congratulate you on getting through another semester. Whether you scraped through or passed with flying colours, we’re proud of you.

FRIDAY 24th Novemeber 2017

Bottle Service Available : message us or email
139 James Street, Northbridge

Earlier Event: November 10
Later Event: November 30